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Complaints against East Ren Councillors on the rise Print E-mail

Published 14th December 2014

Complaints to the†Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland concerning Councillors alleged conduct, appears to be on the increase. However decisions against the councillors remain low.


2010 Allegation against: Councillors Elaine Green and Alan Lafferty

Decision Not Guilty


2011 Allegation against: Councillor Mary Montague

Decision Guilty


2012 Allegation against: Councillor Ian McAlpine

Decision Not Guilty


2014†Allegation against: Councillor Jim Fletcher

Decision Not Guilty

2014 Allegation against: Councillor Kenny Hay

Decision Not Guilty

2014†Allegation against: Councillor Jim Fletcher

Decision Not Guilty

2014 Allegation against: Councillor Alastair Carmichael

Decision Not Guilty

2014 Allegation against: Councillor Danny Devlin

Decision Not Guilty

2014 Allegation against: Councillor Barbara Grant

Decision Guilty

2014 has seen an increase to six complaints against East Renfrewshire Councillors. 2010 /11 /12 saw only one each year, with none in 2013.

The full details of these cases can be accessed at

Do ERC have their very own Mystic Meg? Print E-mail

Published 11th December 2014

East Renfrewshire Council have a member of staff who apparently can predict the future.

On 5th December 2014 the PR section put out a statement on the council web site that said "The new Barrhead High School is now full steam ahead - after a new site was chosen for the replacement secondary. Work is set to start next year on a stunning new campus in Cowan Park. The site is next to the existing school, where the Johnny Kelly Pavilion is."

NEWSLINE understands that " A paper will go up to Council on the 17th December asking for approval to proceed."

We had asked of Louisa Mahon, Head of Press and Publicity how she could come by these facts but she has failed to answer.

Therefore we required to pursue this via an FOI request.

Under this legislation Ms Mahon requires to respond as soon as possible and in any case within 20 working days.

We would hope that she will be in a position to provide an answer soon.

Has this matter been pre judged or does a member of staff have a Crystal Ball, as even more astonishingly on the 11th December 2014 the agenda for the meeting being held on the 17th is not displayed on the council web site.

Councillor Barbara Grant found guilty Print E-mail

Published 2nd December 2014

AT a standards commission hearing held today Tuesday 2nd December 2014 Councillor Barbara Grant of East Renfrewshire Council was found guilty of breaching the councillorís code of conduct.

Councillor Grant had been accused of contravening section 3.2 of the councillorís code of conduct that relates to their requirement to respect everyone present during these meetings of the Council.

The incident occurred whilst she was sitting on the Planning Applications Committee.

She was found guilty of failing to do so and was censored by the commission at the hearing held today at the Busby Hotel.

Deputy Chief Executive Caroline Innes was observed seated in the public gallery throughout the hearing. (A course stated that it was very unusual for a Chief Executive to attend and support a Cllr)

Councillor Grant is now the third East Renfrewshire Councillor to be added to the hall of shame.

Cllr Devlin has twice been up before the commission on different charges and found guilty on both occasions, Councillor Montague has appeared on one occasion she was also found guilty of contravening the code by failing to make declarations.

Councillor Grant (Conservative representative for Newton Mearns) has been asked for comment but she has failed to respond.

Cllr Barbara Grant

East Rens Crime clear up rate - The lowest in Scotland Print E-mail

Published 1st December 2014

NOT only is East Renfrewshire's detection rate the lowest in Scotland for yet another year, the rate has reduced even further than last year.

Last year the rate was 37% and the lowest in Scotland.

This year it has fallen to 35% and still the lowest of all local authorities in Scotland.

These figures have just been released by the Scottish Government.

That compares to 52% in Glasgow; the same as the national figure.

East Dunbartonshire is just below the national average at 44%, Renfrewshire sits at 51%, South Lanarkshire is 50%, North Lanarkshire is just above average at 54%, Inverclyde is way above average at 60% and West Dunbartonshire is 56%.

North Ayrshire sits at 46%, South Ayrshire 49% and East Ayrshire 52%.

Link to document

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Published 30th November 2014

The salaries of East Renfrewshire Councilís elected members have been revealed in the council accounts for 2013-2014.

The remuneration report includes a comprehensive break down of travel, meal and training expenses claimed back by each councillor.

Councillor Jim Fletcher remains the top earner on £27,329 a year while claiming £665 on car expense, £266 on travel expenses and £581 on training and conference expenses. In addition he receives payments as a non-executive member of the Scottish Futures Trustís Audit Committee which is £7,800 taking his total to £35,129.

Busby/Eaglesham/Clarkston Councillor and Provost Alistair Carmichael although having an official car managed to still claim £52 for car expenses.

Neilston councillor Tony Buchannan claimed the highest amount in car expenses at £1,278. He also claimed the most in training and conference expenses at £622.

Fellow Neilston councillor Elaine Green claimed the second highest travel expenses at £1,082.

Giffnock and Thornliebank Councillor Vincent Waters claimed the third highest car expense at £1,011.

In comparison Councillors Swift, Montague, Wallace, Devlin, Miller made no claim for car expenses.

Barrhead Councillor Danny Devlin claimed the highest for his telephone at £896, with Eaglesham / Busby / Clarkston Councillor Stewart Miller having the lowest claim at £61.

The top five highest expenses claims were made by:-

Buchanan £2,235
Fletcher £2,087
Green £1,937
Lafferty £1,854
Grant £1,842

The lowest five were:-
Miller £61
Wallace £240
Swift £311
Reilly £361
Carmichael £657

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