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Provost Carmichael looses the plot! Print E-mail

WE understand that at last nights Clarkston Community Council public meeting guests and Community Councillors alike were shocked by the conduct of Provost Alistair Carmichael (SNP)

Guests included a Muirend Doctor who is due to move to the new Health Centre when built in Williamwood and two young medical students who were also in attendance as part of their training to observe communities in action.

The Chair of the Community Council was asking Cllr Carmichael for clarification as to why at the last East Renfrewshire Council meeting in Chambers at Eastwood Park he claimed to have no knowledge that a larger venue had been requested for the public to observe, and that all such requests required to go through him.



Boundary commission proposes two less councillors in East Ren Print E-mail

The Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland commences

its Fifth Reviews of Electoral Arrangements

The Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland has begun reviews of

Scotland’s local government electoral arrangements. The Commission today starts a

series of meetings with each individual council to discuss the reviews. The reviews

will result in recommendations for the number of councillors on each council and

the number and boundaries of wards for the election of those councillors. They will

not look at the external boundaries of council areas.

The last set of reviews was completed in 2006 following the introduction of multimember

wards for Scottish council elections. The number of councillors on each

council was last reviewed shortly after the councils’ establishment in 1996

The commission propose that the current 20 elected members in East Renfrewshire be reduced to 18.


Giffnock residents unhappy at camping village proposals for games. Print E-mail

COMMONWEALTH Games volunteers, workers and visitors could be living in the grounds of the GHA rugby club for three weeks this summer if a planning application goes through.

An application has been submitted to East Renfrewshire Council to erect a camp site on two of the club’s three pitches where users would camp in their own tents or tents set-up by Campingninja, an organisation which administered sites during the London Olympics


The Braidholm based rugby club, GHA, previously clashed with the surrounding community over plans to build a phone mast on the club’s grounds and to develop eight five-a-side and seven-a-side football pitches on their rugby grounds.

Due to the number of objections received by the council the current application will require to go before the Planning Applications Committee.

IS ERC - a council without credibility, transparency or accountability? Print E-mail


By Newsline

11th December 2013


PERMISSION was granted for the building of houses on the former Volvo site on Kelburn St, Barrhead on the 27th November 2013.

Have East Renfrewshire Council in granting this permission performed a ‘U’ turn in respect of their policy of requiring builders to provide either 25% of the development as affordable housing and or pay for planning gain / developer contributions?

At the recent planning applications committee (PAC) meeting councillors heard that these houses which had initially been indicated would number between 80 and 108, will now consist of only 58 with 54 of them being detached and they will be 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms, together with 4 semi detached, yet the area that has now been approved for development has increased by 0.2 hectares from a previous application a number of years ago.


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