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Thornliebank Fly Tipping Epidemic Print E-mail

Published 9th April 2016

Thornliebank has become a target for fly tipping due to Councillor Vincent Waters success in cleaning up the area.


Cllr Vincent Waters

At a recent community council meeting those present heard a list of areas where there were copious amounts of rubbish and also fly tipping taking place. 

One area was described as "The other one down at the back of Eastwood Crescent" 

This was well known to Cllr Waters who replied "The lane yes, Absolutely minging, again private rent" 

One Ccllr reported that the Addison estate was a particular problem which led Cllr Waters to inform those present that he was aware of the extent of the problem in that estate and that he has asked housing service to put in mobile CCTV and it should be in very soon. 


CCTV is to be used in the Addison Estate in Thornliebank

Cllr Waters said "By this stage I think every single person resident in Eastwood Court, Crosslees Court has refurbed their living room, in the past two years the amount of living rooms that I have had lifted that have been dumped at the side of those buildings." 


Residents of Eastwood and Crosslees Court have discarded furniture next to the buildings

"At the high flats I think that people come and dump there in a van in the sure knowledge that Thornliebank has now become a place where if you dump something its going to get lifted."
Cllr Waters also said "I am in the impossible position, I have two options, you've heard me say this before, if something gets fly tipped in Thornliebank by and large I am going to get it removed. I have two options, to stop doing that and the place becomes completely unacceptable in terms of the conditions for people that live here, like me, or I keep on doing it and we thole the fact that sometimes means that some very unpleasant human being in a white van dumps
Cllr Waters believes drivers if white vans are responsible

NEWSLINE contacted the other ward councillors, Jim Fletcher and Gordon Wallace, and the chair of the Community Council for comment, we will publish their responses.