ERC deny a resident his human rights ? Print

Published 20/9/15

The Deputy Chief Executive of East Renfrewshire Council, Caroline Innes has issued a banning notice to a resident of Clarkston.

This residents crime - he is alleged to be the owner/moderator of a web discussion forum that she alleges is abusive and threatening to council staff and elected members and is displaying their photographs which she disapproves of.

This resident was tried without his knowledge and convicted without the right to be present, hear the evidence and have legal representation.

The first that he heard of this was when he received an email informing him that he was banned from contacting the council by telephone or letter.

There is apparently no right of appeal against the conviction, as such, only an appeal against the sentence.

The resident maintains that he is not the owner/ moderator of the web site and that he is the victim of a miscarriage of justice.

However as he has no right of appeal against the conviction he feels that his human rights have been violated and he has been bullied and threatened by the council as they state that they may consider legal action and have referred an unknown matter to the Information Commissioner.

Caroline Innes

Deputy Chief Executive