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ER Community Councils - Disbanded Print E-mail

At a full council meeting this evening after a vote of 12 to 5 the council agreed to disestablish Community Councils in August 2014 and to hold elections in September this year under the new scheme that they have approved. (New boundaries, new rules and a disciplinary code)

As CC's have all met already in June and most take July and August off in keeping with the council, the existing Ccllrs are in reality no more.

Those voting for the new scheme were

Proposed by Mary Montague

Seconded by Kenny Hay

Supported by Jim Fletcher

Supported by Vincent Waters

Supported by Tony Buchanan

Supported by Alistair Carmichael

Supported by Elaine Green

Supported by Danny Devlin

Supported by Tommy Reilly

Supported by Paul O'Kane

Supported by Alan Lafferty

Supported by Ian McAlpine

Those voting against

Ralph Robertson

Gordon McCaskill

Stewart Millar

Jim Swift

Charlie Gilbert