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ERC accused of trying to punish Community Councils
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TOPIC: ERC accused of trying to punish Community Councils

Re: ERC accused of trying to punish Community Councils 6 years, 4 months ago #13

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Re: ERC accused of trying to punish Community Councils 6 years, 4 months ago #14

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Re: ERC accused of trying to punish Community Councils 6 years, 4 months ago #15

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As an completely innocent outsider, without any local knowledge, I could see why they might want to have a go at the "radical" CCs, but Thornliebank? They don't seem to want to be involved with all you rabble rousers. They aren't interested in BN or this forum. They want to concentrate on Thornliebank issues.

If I was on it I was be much more vocal, particularly questioning the complete lack of investment in Thornliebank, one of the most deprived areas in ER. Large parts of Barrhead are much more affluent. Why does the council not target investment into Thornliebank in the same way Barrhead has been flooded with cash? All we have is schools closed (I've had staff at Woodfarm and Eastwood telling me about the future...), community facilities being closed to the public (MUGA at Robslee), destruction of green space (Eastwood Park has disappeared under football pitches to which the community will not have access), uncertainty about the future of our library and recently religious bigotry (against our pagan community). Do they raise this?

If the other Community Councils think they are safe from future ERC attack on their sovereignty, they should pay close regard to what is happening at TCC.

Re: ERC accused of trying to punish Community Councils 6 years, 4 months ago #16

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Is it any wonder that many are now calling for the sacking of Jim Sneddon and Caroline Innes.

Re: ERC accused of trying to punish Community Councils 6 years, 4 months ago #17

  • flyboy
And Hewetson.

Re: ERC accused of trying to punish Community Councils 6 years, 4 months ago #18

  • DJ
Newsline wrote:

Jim Sneddon
Head of Democratic Services

The report will be presented by Caroline Innes

Caroline Innes
Deputy Chief Executive

There must be must be more or to this that meets the eye, especially when you read what Cllr Vincent Waters had to say on the matter.

Good to know someone other than Sneddon and co. reads our constitution.
We changed it as it wasn't fit for purpose. Let's examine the wording of the clause you've highlighted. It says:

This is in line with other statutory bodies such as the Children's Panel. You will recall the failed attempt to take over NMCC in Sept. last year which resulted in Anne McGuire taking the chair. Having AFAIK never attended a CC meeting, she had no knowledge of our raison d'etre. She refused to appoint a planning convenor on the very same night I released the bombshell that there was a submission to build a mosque within the Eastwood High School Campus.

I must digress and ask if the Vinster now will withdraw his statements that the site was not within the school campus and apologise for the abuse and vilification he tried to heap on those who knew what they were talking about when clearly he didn't or was lying? I only mention this as we have shades of deja vu. Here we go again with the Vinster pronouncing sentence when the jury has not yet been selected. Evidence considered? Ridiculous rent a mouth Vinster is streets ahead. He is in danger of becoming a most tedious, loathsome creature who believes as much in democracy as he does in Scottish independence. Let's face it, he only is a member of that party because no one else would support his ambitions to hold office and justifiably so given his track record. His success in leadership is only matched by his accounting and accountability skills.

Reverting back to McGuire and co., if CCs don't operate off a knowledge and experience base they are doomed to fail. There is a school of thought that the Labour party who masterminded the disgraceful attempt to politicise NMCC thought her attempts to silence and censure our operational ability was to enable Fletcher, Murphy and Macintosh to deliver a freebie site to the Muslim community to cement their votes at election timer.
Also when 9 or 10 new CCllrs. turn up for the first CC meeting how do members determine those with the necessary qualities to elect as officers. Yes I hear you say, 'pot, kettle, black! You turned up at your first CC meeting and was elected Chair.' In mitigation I never sought office until the late, much missed Ella Rae's walking stick crashed down on the table and she announced she wanted me as chairman. I had I thought never met her in my life but it turned out I had met her once when collecting milk from a farm some 40 years earlier!

Meetings held in camera are designed to resolve any internal difficulties should they arise or items of a commercial or sensitive nature. For example, information of alleged criminality has come into my possession. The evidence seems to me to be compelling. That does not guarantee a conviction in court. How do we convey the detail of what we know to other members without exposing ourselves to risk? Another example is a resident wishes to seek help from the CC and perhaps dare not risk being brought to the attention of other residents in the public gallery as they are in a witness protection programme.

Last year I highlighted the flaws and inadequacies of our constitution to the Chief Exec. Nothing happened. We were forced to sign constitutions not fit for purpose. I'm told Jim Sneddon was the author of them but cannot confirm this.
Alex Hewetson is on record in Clarkston CC minutes from Sept. 2013 as trying to force them to sign the constitution BEFORE the election of office bearers. This is simply bonkers as the constitutions must be signed by the Chairperson and surely to be meaningful, CCllrs should have the opportunity to consider and discuss something as fundamental as their own constitution. Does one size fit all? Take 10 bowling clubs. Would you expect them to be independent yet share identical constitutions? Surely that alone demonstrates the inadequacies of this bastard document?

If ERC have the genuine willingness they claim to live up to their statutory duty to support and assist CCs without trampling on our independence, they would have sought talks to discuss and develop a constitution that suited everyone. We instead got a blanket nyet. Now I believe this submission to council on Wednesday breaks the law and finally publicly demonstrates the malice and contempt they have towards their own CCs.

If they were to shut us down and I don't believe they can, and then the politicos such as the Vinster succeeded in stuffing CCs full of acolytes, if I was not a CCllr., I would have far more time to devote to BN so not only would it be business as usual, it would be an enhanced service for as long as people wanted it and even though I carefully try to compartmentalise the different hats I wear, I would undoubtably be far less constrained and inhibited by my role as a CCllr. and office bearer .
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