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Re:ERC POLICE STATE 8 years, 3 months ago #25

  • Crossroads
Hi Harry,
I don't know if you can tell us on here, but I would like to know.

Re:ERC POLICE STATE 8 years, 3 months ago #26

  • lasercow
  • Administrator
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I heard they even looked under the bed...I'm not saying that Tom couldn't fit under a bed...OK I am...

It's so underhand and childish. I was actually impressed at Jim Fletcher turning out to the hustings last night - none of the others were prepared to take the flak. It's their job to stand up for their policies, to speak out for what they believe in - not try and take out non-political opposition, to stifle free speech.

@crossroads - ERC have tried to have this website taken down several times, and Mary recently managed to get the police to withdraw the crime info they used to supply, because the site is "political". Council officials have told campaign groups that they might get somewhere if they stopped criticising councillors online. They just don't like it when people disagree with them.

And if the same lot get back in, I think they are going to find a lot more people disagreeing with them over the next 5 years.

Re:ERC POLICE STATE 8 years, 3 months ago #27

  • Crossroads
We'll see tomorrow.
The turnout in Eaglesham has apparently been good and it looks like the candidates opposing ERC's development proposals will do well. We can only hope the campaigning throughout east ren has worked and we can get rid of these deluded, self-interested apparatchiks.

Re:ERC POLICE STATE 8 years, 3 months ago #28

  • Concerned ERC Parent
Amen to that.

Where did Harry go?

Re:ERC POLICE STATE 8 years, 3 months ago #29

  • lasercow
  • Administrator
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I've heard that turnout in the Thornliebank station was very low, which is worrying Labour, but it seems a bit better in the rest of the ward.

The thing is though, when Labour and SNP are essentially the same, it's not easy to shift them.

Re:ERC POLICE STATE 8 years, 3 months ago #30

  • Harry
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He went to clarkston halls and was talking to Ralph Robertson and Gordon McCaskill outside the front doors. he saw Mary inside talking to voters and she was wearing a labour rosette and had a reporters notepad and appeared to be ticking after she had spoken with voters before and after they went into vote and probably recording who had voted labour.

Tom approached her and said that she should not be doing that she said it was alright to do it, he said he would go home and check the legislation which he did. He then went back and was armed with a lethal weapon.

A print out of the polling regulations bill which he spoke to the man in charge of the poling station about and complained that she should at least be outside the door.

He was not concerned about the 250 meters exclusion zone, happy for them to be just outside the front door but to be in the foyer was in his opinion intimidating.

The man in charge said its alright she is not wearing a rossette, to which Tom said look at her, she is wearing a rosette .

The man agreed that he would ask her to leave the building and join the other two candidates.

Tom left still armed with the lethal weapon three sheets of A4 paper and went home.

No swearing, no shouting, no fisticuffs, and if any of you know Tom he is very much the consummate professional of speech.

He is rather large, in excess of 20 stone so it is really surprising that the police officers even looked under his bed just in case he was hiding there.

A retired police sergeant of over 30 years service who is the chair of the largest neighbourhood watch in Scotland has his house searched by the police after Mary phones them.

The only thing missing apparently was the helicopter hovering overhead and the council CCTV camera has been focused on the front of his house all day and is still focused on it.
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