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Political interference in policing?
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TOPIC: Political interference in policing?

Re:Crime Alerts 8 years, 10 months ago #7

  • Gerry
If the review started on 15th June 2011, now it is over three months.

Is it any wonder that we have the lowest crime detection rate in Scotland if it takes our police over three months to undertake a review?

No wonder it takes the local officers several hours to respond to calls for help if their senior officer cannot respond to letters within five weeks.

In private business they would have to close and fold if they operated in this manner as they would have no customers, they would all go to other firms.

Re:Crime Alerts 8 years, 10 months ago #8

As I said in another thread, in-built majorities can do a lot of things until you change the in-built majority at which point things you expect to happen - happen.

Re:Crime Alerts 8 years, 10 months ago #9

  • Jack
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So who is now in league with the devil, is it a new and inexperienced man who is looking for his next promotion.

The removing of the police from this site when the last police chief said he would not do it now looks vindictive and ill-judged and disproportionate to me.

Now lets wait to see why the crimes have been removed, I do feel that the timing is not a coincidence.

Political interference in local police matters ? 8 years, 10 months ago #10

  • Ernhw Ltd
  • Moderator
  • ernhw Ltd
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Dear Mr Taylor


East Renfrewshire Sub-Division
Braidholm Road

12th September 2011

I refer to your letter of 19 August 2011, relative to the above.

At present we have no plans to introduce the circulation of alerts/updates to East Renfrewshire Neighbourhood Watch for the reasons we discussed earlier.

Should this situation change, I will of course advise you of same.

I would also remind you that statistical information relating to crime is available on the Strathclyde Police website.

I trust this is of assistance.

Yours sincerely

Alan Murray
Area Commander

Political interference in local police matters ? 8 years, 10 months ago #11

  • Ernhw Ltd
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  • ernhw Ltd
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I trust this is of assistance.

I am afraid that is is not and I will be communicating further with you, in the first instance.

Re:Crime Alerts 8 years, 10 months ago #12

  • lasercow
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I'm struggling to get my head round this one.

Is the local police commander refusing to release crime stats to this website because it has been deemed to be "political"?

The forum is a very minor part of the website. All views are represent(anti- and pro- council, as well as elected representatives from more than one political faction). No party is promoted. I'm sure the Junta would like to say that it is a "Tory" forum, but from the list of posters who queued up to tell Cllr McCaskgill that they would not vote Tory, but they approved of his views, it is hard to see how. It is true that the majority of posters are against some of the Administrations policies - but so are most of the population of ER, as well as all our MSPs and MP - is access to crime stats to be denied to these too?

Politics are discussed, as they are in every area of life, like the weather..... Politics are often discussed on the BBC...the police don't seem to mind Crimewatch, or giving interviews to any other media organisation.

What disturbs me most is that if the local police have withdrawn co-operation from this site on the unfounded basis that is has a political slant in one direction (against the ruling powers), then does this mean that the local police commander has a political slant towards the ruling powers?

Surely that is even more worrying!
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