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Political interference in policing?
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TOPIC: Political interference in policing?

Re:Political interference in policing? 8 years, 10 months ago #31

  • Sax
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Cllr McCaskill regaled us recently with the description and the history of forums and the meaning of the word Polis etc.

The continuation of this relates to this thread.

Aristotle said

Man is said to be a "political animal" naturally because of his innate inclination to take part in the affairs of the city and become a human being.

Because the word "political," in this case refers to all things public, being a political animal means that man is innately drawn to dealing with other men when it comes to the city and what should be done within it.

Nature, because it does nothing in vain, naturally equips man with a distinct quality that animals lack--the ability to speak.

Speech differentiates man from animal because it gives men the capacity to think, reason, and "...reveal the advantageous and the harmful, and hence the just and the unjust..."

That is to say, the ability to speak serves to enhance the process of becoming human. Man can share ideas, thoughts, and feelings in reference to what is good or bad, right or wrong.

By talking about what is held to be just or unjust, man defines the limits and tolerances of the city and establishes rule.

This discussion enables men to reach consensus on these issues.

Thus, these agreements set the standard for what is acceptable and good for the given city.

By listening to and discussing the thoughts of others, and coming to agreement, men form the essence of the city and household partnerships.

Come on Mr Policeman get with the programe.

Re:Political interference in policing? 8 years, 10 months ago #32

  • Kirsty
I have just watched loose women and Edwina Currie was on and said that the public were now very well used to spin and presentation. When will our inner cartel get that message.

I am very disappointed that our new police boss has jumped into bed with the cartel at his very first meeting.

Re:Political interference in policing? 8 years, 10 months ago #33

  • Jack
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In my opinion there are two types of local politicians, one type have self-serving hidden agendas or are driven by their egos.

The other type are unselfishly willing to dedicate an enormous amount of their time for no other reason than wanting to make their community better.

There should and can be only one type of senior police officer, one who stands up to Political Interference in law enforcement.

But then in East Ren we do always seem to buck the normal trends.

Re:Political interference in policing? 8 years, 10 months ago #34

  • Sax
  • Platinum Boarder
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There we have it once again, Spin of the highest order.

If you highlight it you are accused of being 'political'

If you are a councillor and you dont speak in nothing but glowing terms about the staff, you are bollocked by the deputy chief executive, who is on a six figure sum, i.e., Cllrs Robertson and Miller.

If you do not agree with the inner cartel, you are sacked and sent to the deepest darkest dungeon known to man in ERC, i.e. Cllr Robertson.

If you talk about it you are taken to task and the forum that you are using is attacked by the administration led staff.

Then you have a senior police officer who is seduced at a cabinet (inner cartel meeting to us.)

All that he, and indeed his bosses need to do is look at the facts, and I mean really look at the facts.

They need only one example of exaggeration and spin and untruths that are made to look like facts, and these are the norm. Namely Ms Montague and the Clarkston Post Office.

Senior Police Officer, this is calibre of the lady that seduced you at that meeting over tea and scones.

And do not even attempt to bill this post as political, because I could not care whether the lady represented the purple with pink spots party.

Look at my post quoting Aristotle and 'politics'.

Could I suggest that you should not get involved in the 'politics' of ER and divorce yourself from the appearance of being a supporter of the administration (inner cartel).

Remember the word that you require to go by, impartial.

Your predecessors who were very experienced police officers did not succumb, you should learn from them.

Re:Political interference in policing? 8 years, 10 months ago #35

  • Sax
  • Platinum Boarder
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I see two appeals on here today from the police for information about two serious incidents in East Ren. If admin had not searched and plucked them from the internet how would we, the public of East Ren, who are being asked to help have known about these crimes and how we could help if we did not know about them.

Re:Political interference in policing? 8 years, 10 months ago #36

  • lasercow
  • Administrator
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Is there a reason why both appeals require Gorbals Police to be contacted? Is that the norm?
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