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Minutes of meeting held on Monday 6th October 2014

Williamwood High School


Apologies Cllr Stewart Miller, Cllr Alan Lafferty, David Thomson, Amy Elliott, Kenneth Barr.


Present Eleanor Kellock (Chair), Anne Johnston (Secretary), Maureen Russell (Vice

Chair), Chris Kelly, Fiona Bittle, Alan Williams, Kirsten Oswald, Christian Potter,

Vincent McKechnie.


In Attendance Cllr Alastair Carmichael, PS Tom Devine.


Police Report Crime figures for Beat 38 as follows;

June           22 crimes    136 calls

July            15 crimes    121 calls

August       27 crimes    128 calls

September  24 crimes    115 calls

Breakdown for September 2014 - Detected

No licence

No insurance

Dog not under control

Three reports of lady making racial comments

Gentleman acting inappropriately in a hairdresser’s

Drugs offences x2

Lad assaulted police officer

Person shouting at staff in hairdressers

Lad grabbed 12 year old and threw him on the ground

Drink driver

Domestic incident

Man whistled at young boy and followed him.

Breakdown for September 2014 – Undetected

Theft from Co-op (x3)

Aidan’s Brae plant pot stolen and placed on roof of car.


EK has written to Chief Inspector Bates regarding concerns over the road safety of the schoolchildren walking to and from school on the darker mornings and evenings, especially after the serious accident on a school crossing involving a Williamwood High School pupil last December. No response has been received to date. PS Devine suggested that the CC write to CI Angela Carty as there have been transitional changes. EK stated that we are here to support the police and the officers are vital to the community.


Minutes of Previous Meeting Phil Prentice, ERC will be invited to attend a future meeting of the CC to discuss Clarkston town centre. Minutes were proposed by AW and seconded by CK.


Correspondence Letter to Chief Inspector Andy Bates Re; Community Policing and school children’s road safety.

Wagtail (EK queried the cost of producing the newsletter and was told it was funded jointly with Renfrewshire Council)

Email from Mr T Taylor, Newsdesk – Request for Comment

Email Jim Sneddon ERC

Email Tracy Butler – Data Protection Registration

CE CC – Review of the Scheme of Establishment of Community Councils Stage 2 Provisional Meeting 22nd October 2014

ERC Provost Award 2014

SCT Conference 2014: Wellbeing and the Built Environment

ERC Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival East Renfrewshire

ERC Graham Shankland – Planning Community Forum 7th October 2014 3pm Eastwood House

ERC Louisa Mahon – Defibrillator

Gillian Loney Extra – Defibrillator

PPF Newsletter


PPF Update  None.


ERC Councillors Report Cllr Carmichael reported that the parking consultation was finalised and received balanced approval at a Council meeting on the 24th September 2014. This will come into operation on the 13th November with Aidan’s Brae having double yellow lines on both sides, all the way up and not just at the bend. KO reported that people are getting ticketed during the day and no-one seems to have a fixed position. Cllr Carmichael clarified that there is 90 minutes waiting time during the day, with no waiting at peak hours and suggested that Clarkston CC contact Andy Cahill, Director of the Environment for all the specific information, which is also available online.                                                                                              Action AJ

FB asked about signage for cars exiting Aidan’s Brae as they are still going down the one way street the wrong way. Cllr Carmichael said that there is already signage in place but cars still go down the street the wrong way.

Cllr Carmichael urged anyone to notify him of anyone to put forward for the Provost Award 2014.

Cllr Carmichael reported on the annual tea dance at the end of October in the Thistle Hotel for 400 senior citizens in East Renfrewshire.



Maureen Russell stated that she was resigning from the Community Council tonight with immediate effect, partly over the parking issues, as it seems we don’t have a voice. MR said that ERC is not slightly interested in the community council/ community and what we have to say. MR was a member of the PPF and her resignation will leave a position there for an ER CCllr. EK told MR that the CC respects her decision and will miss her. The CC is also very grateful for everything MR has done and the immense support. EK also fully understands the frustration felt when we are trying to do so much for the community and are continually faced with a brick wall. The CC wished MR well and thanked her for all her efforts on our behalf. MR then left the meeting.


Local Issues

Carolside Primary

Parking issues around the school have been reported in the Extra. PS Devine stated that he had never received any phone calls regarding this issue since last November. FB has noticed cars parking at the corner of Mansfield Road, causing problems. The school is working on an initiative to alleviate the problems.

AW suggested that the Carolside Nursery on Ashfield Road should have an enclosed fence installed so that the children are not visible and can’t be photographed, as they are easily seen from the road at the moment. The parent council will be contacted regarding this.                                                                                                Action KO


Poster in Bradford’s shop window

The poster is still in the window and has now been vandalised making it look even worse.


Vandalism at Clarkston Toll Billboard

Sgt Devine gave an update and said that no crime had been committed as there was no damage to the billboard. CP mentioned the Health and Safety issues regarding the vandalism.


Litter Bin

A litter bin near the bus stop at Bits N PCs has been moved into the middle of the pavement, causing a potential hazard for visually impaired residents.  Action Cllr AC


Pop-up Shops

CP reported that some local craft businesses have made asked if they could set up pop-up shops in unused shop premises in the run up to Christmas. Cllr Carmichael suggested that they write to the Joint Valuation Board regarding this.


Area Forum Report None.



Response to Mr T Taylor, Newsdesk

The Chair referred to the communication from Mr Taylor of the 19th September 2014 that the office bearers agreed should be circulated to all members of the CC prior to any response and stressed that we are here for the community and we are duty bound to respond to such a communication. A question was raised as to who exactly Mr Taylor was and it was reported that he was a journalist with a website. Christian Potter highlighted that Mr Taylor had received an award for East Renfrewshire Citizen of the Year and had been congratulated by Jim Murphy MP. A draft response compiled by the office bearers was read out by EK for discussion and approval. Kirsten Oswald and Vincent McKechnie both felt that there should be no response to Mr Taylor. EK stated that we have a duty to respond to members of the public and have always done so. VMcK questioned this and stated that we should ignore Mr Taylor and not embroil ourselves in meaningless distraction, VMcK referred to an email that he had marked confidential and previously sent to restricted members of CCC stating that we should ignore the Newsdesk communication. KO said that she had no issue with what we were saying but would be happier if the response was a lot briefer. It was pointed out that the response could not be made any briefer as it was already very short. EK called a point of order at this stage because VMcK was continuing to disrupt the flow of the meeting by insisting on further discussion of the draft response which had already been fully discussed. VMcK asked for the response to be read out again and the Chair did so. Prior to the vote VMcK asked if the meeting was quorate and was subsequently assured that it was. It was agreed by a majority vote of six for and two against to send Mr Taylor the response. VMcK also requested that a copy of the response is emailed to all members of the CC.                  Action AJ


Data Protection Registration

AJ contacted Tracy Butler, ERC for an update on the Data Protection Registration that ERC agreed to fund and forward to the Information Commissioner on behalf of the CC some months ago after an email from Alex Hewetson recommended this was done. TB contacted AJ to apologise and confirm that this has not been done despite the previous agreement. The reasons given by TB were that this was a grey area and she was trying to ascertain whether CC’s were required to register, not all CC’s had sent the forms back to ERC, there was an issue with the way ERC would get the payment to the IC. CP asked why everything has to be made so difficult. It was unanimously agreed that the CC would require Data Protection Registration and TB will be contacted again to pursue this on our behalf.                                      Action AJ


Bank of Scotland Community Fund Awards

Voting has not been finalised yet for the Bank of Scotland Community Fund Award. There was a brief discussion on the approximate cost of defibrillators and how they are accessed in an emergency. Cllr Carmichael suggested that the CC ask the Windfarm Fund for money towards defibrillators. ERC documented the efforts of CCC to fund a defibrillator on their Facebook and twitter and Gillian Loney from the Extra also featured an article on this. CCC has thanked them both for highlighting this on our behalf.


Notice Board

Eammonn Daly, ERC has told the CC that any issues with the notice board are the CC’s responsibility. It was agreed that the notice board needs to be replaced with a better quality one if possible.                                                                         Action EK



VMcK stood up to approach the Secretary at this point in the meeting and proceeded to sign the sederunt which had already been updated with all those present at the meeting. VMcK then suggested that the CC purchase a sederunt book engendering a short discussion where the point was made that the minutes are an accurate public record of who attend the CC meetings. KO asked what happens to the sederunts and was told that the Secretary keeps them for a month to ensure accuracy when minutes are approved. A sederunt book was deemed to be a completely unnecessary expense by the rest of the CC.



VMcK suggested that a poster should be made to place on the door to identify the meeting room for the CC.                                                                              Action KO


Date of Next Meeting: Monday 3rd November 2014 at 7.30pm, Williamwood High School.

Planning Matters: ICafe has put in a planning application for the Beanscene site.